Wound Care

Wound Care

About Wound Care

After certain skin cancer treatments, a more extensive wound care plan may be necessary. At Southwest Michigan Dermatology in Portage, Michigan, your board-certified dermatologist will come up with a wound care plan that aids in healing while lowering your risk of complications after your procedure. Providing skin graft, collagen, and placental skin substitutes, we have the option best suited for you! Call Southwest Michigan Dermatology or request an appointment online for safe and effective wound care today. 

Wound Care Q & A

Why Offer Wound Care?

Here at Southwest Michigan Dermatology, we take pride in making sure your experience with us is the best it can be from start to finish. Some of the treatments we offer leave a wound due to the nature of the procedure. For most, basic care is enough to effectively heal the wound. However, sometimes additional wound care may need to be required to speed up the healing time and avoid infection.

What factors affect wounds healing?

Some wounds heal within a week and other can take months to heal. Many factors affect the healing time including age, location of wound, other medical concerns, and your lifestyle.

What do we offer to help?

We offer a variety of options depending on your needs. Providing skin graft, collagen and placental skin substitutes we have the option best suited for you!

After your treatment here at Southwest Michigan Dermatology your provider will determine if additional wound care will be necessary and if so, what type.  If you have questions about what is offered call Southwest Michigan Dermatology or request an appointment online.

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