Earlobe Repair Specialist

Earlobe Repair Specialist

About Earlobe Repair

Your earlobes can stretch over time from wearing earrings or gauges, common weakening of the earlobe, or experiencing an injury. At Southwest Michigan Dermatology, earlobe repair is one of the board-certified physicians’ specialties. To schedule a consultation with the expert team of dermatologists, call the Portage, Michigan, office. You can also request your appointment online for ease and convenience. 

Earlobe Repair Q & A

What is earlobe repair?

Earlobe repair is an easy surgery performed on an outpatient basis with minimal downtime. You might need to have your earlobe repaired if you wear earrings that get snagged on objects or suffer from an accidental tear. Wearing heavy jewelry in your earlobes or gauge earrings can cause your earlobes to sag.

The common deformities of your earlobes can be worrisome if you want to continue wearing earrings or keep your earlobe symmetrical. 

Is earlobe repair right for me?

The Southwest Michigan Dermatology team can treat anyone in need of earlobe repair. This reconstructive procedure may be right for you if your earlobe has been damaged — whether it occurred from trauma, stretching over time, or if you don’t want gauged earlobes anymore.

Before making this determination, your doctor evaluates the condition of your earlobe and consults with you to help you know what to expect during and after your earlobe repair. This office visit is also a time for you to ask questions.

How does earlobe repair work?

Your provider first numbs the targeted area with local anesthesia to ensure you don’t feel anything. They then make a small incision near the torn or stretched area to clean and reshape your earlobe's front and back surface and the inner tissues of your ear.

Your doctor stitches the area closed with extremely fine sutures, closing up the incision and the damaged area. You can return to your regular daily routine when you’re finished. 

In some cases, dermal fillers are a quick and easy fix for damaged, torn, or ripped earlobes. Your provider injects a small amount of dermal filler into a damaged earlobe to add volume and provide a more natural shape. 

Often times this is considered a cosmetic procedure by insurances and therefore will be an out-of-pocket cost.

What can I expect during my earlobe repair recovery?

Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to keep your repaired area free of infection. They might also recommend you apply certain topical ointments. Sterile bandages keep your earlobe protected and can help you heal faster.

Plan to keep the area dry and clean for up to three weeks after your surgery. If desired, you should be able to have your ears re-pierced about two months after your earlobe repair.

When you’re ready to schedule your consultation, call the office or request an appointment online.