Stop Doing This If You Want Fewer Breakouts

Dec 13, 2023
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If you have acne, regular dermatology visits are essential for keeping breakouts under control. But your habits matter, too. Here, learn about common habits that could worsen your acne symptoms.

The most common skin problem in the United States, acne affects more than 50 million Americans annually. While most of those affected are in their teens, plenty of adults have breakouts in their 20s, 30s, and beyond.

Fortunately, today, there are many innovative treatment options to help quell breakouts and improve your complexion. Even better, you can do things on your own to enjoy clearer skin, too.

As a top-ranked dermatology practice in Portage, Michigan, Southwest Michigan Dermatology gives patients the tools and knowledge they need to manage their acne and keep their skin healthy. In this post, learn what not to do if you want to keep your acne breakouts under control.

Picking or popping

Acne happens when bacteria get trapped inside your pores, triggering an infection that leads to inflammation. Pus collects, and you form pimples and pustules.

While it may be tempting to pop or pick at those blemishes, it can spread the infection and worsen inflammation. Picking and popping can also increase your risk of scarring once the breakout subsides.

Using harsh skin products

Many people think eliminating excess oil will eliminate breakouts, too — but that’s not the case. When you use harsh products that strip away too much oil, your skin goes into overdrive, producing more oil that can clog your pores. Plus, harsh products irritate your skin, causing redness and flaking.

Exfoliating a lot

Exfoliation helps get rid of dead skin and reveals smoother skin underneath. While occasional exfoliation is often part of acne skincare routines, exfoliating too frequently can irritate your skin and worsen breakouts. Follow your provider’s instructions for maximum benefits without risks for exfoliation.

Skipping moisturizers

If your skin is especially oily, it’s tempting to think you don’t need moisturizer, but the fact is, you do. Moisturizers help your skin preserve its protective barrier. The key is finding one that’s oil-free and noncomedogenic so it won’t clog your pores.

Going to bed with makeup on

We get it: When you’re tired and ready for sleep, it’s tempting to slip under the covers with your makeup still on — but don’t do it. Left on overnight, makeup clogs pores, dramatically increasing the risk of breakouts. 

Using a dirty phone

Your phone goes everywhere you go, which means it can pick up a lot of germs along the way. Every time you press your phone’s screen to your face to take a call, you can transfer those germs onto your skin, increasing your risk of infection. Make it a habit to keep wipes on hand so you can clean your screen on a regular basis.

Going DIY

If you have acne, we’re betting you’ve searched for solutions online at least once, and you’ve probably run across “home remedies” or mail-order products with tempting promises. But remember: Acne is a medical problem involving inflammation and other biological processes. That means it needs a medical solution to get better.

Make dermatology visits part of your routine instead of opting for questionable treatments that can do more harm than good. Seeing our team regularly ensures your skin gets the treatment it needs, even when those needs change over time. Plus, we provide professional, skilled guidance and the most advanced, innovative treatment options — treatments backed by medical science.

Help your complexion look its best

Acne can take a toll on your skin and self-confidence — but seeing our team regularly can help. To learn how we can develop a custom acne management plan just for you, call 269-321-7546 or request an appointment online at Southwest Michigan Dermatology today.